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I've met a friend I fall in love with more every day. In his arms, I feel like home and eternity is not long enough to show him how much I appreciate and thank him for finding me.

I'm thankful I found Miss Right. I just didn't know her first name was Always. But seriously, she is precisely right for me. I'm in love with her beauty, intelligence, and sarcasm that matches mine.

 Ceremony & Reception

September 22nd 2018, Detroit, MI


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 What others have said...

"Sylvia and Todd, we wish you both the best Union. It’s terrific to see two, beautiful and stellar families blend-together as one. May you both always be simpatico and may your love and devotion, continue to grow on your journey through life together."

Artist, Photographer & Reverend M. 🦊

"Congratulations Sylvia and Todd! from Alabama with love."

Barbara Byrd

"Sending love and great wishes for continued happiness, respect and joy."

Jada Pearl/Nicola

"May the Lord bless you everyday. May you have love, peace and, joy for eternity."

Lawanda Flake/REDD FLAMMES

"Congratulations and cheers to FOREVER!"


"I'm so happy for you. You deserve nothing but the best. 🤩"


"Congratulations May you have many years of continued happiness"

Debraha Watson

"May your lives together enrich each other in loving ways that increase your joy every day."

Christina Dixon

"Congratulations WISHES you and new spouse love and happiness. Can't for your new interracial romance story....long girl I know it's going to be off the chains."

Cinquetta Allen Jefferson

"I so hate that art got in the way of me being there today, but I love the love that I’m seeing between you guys. Wishing you the best for a couple of forevers. ❤️🌹"

One Single Rose 🌹

"Wow! I can't believe Sylvia has an awesome web developer husband that built this website for her. He must really love her."

Todd (the groom)

"Congrats you two, turning into one. Continued love"


"May your happiness be never ending."

Toni Bonita

"Congratulations! I pray you live a long and healthy life loving one another!"



Kathleen Spain

"Hello you two Lovebirds! Unfortunately I have a schedule conflict and won't be able to attend... I was sooo looking forward to see you getting married! Next time! Just kidding ;-) ALL THE BEST!"

Anna (the Dance Scene)

"I can't believe Todd has an awesome weird who loves and appreciates him so much. Xoxo"

Sylvia (the bride)

"Best wishes for a long and happy life together!"

Donald Levin

"May your future together be full of too many blessings to count."

Shiree McCarver

"Congratulations!! You crazy kids are so deserving of each other and the happiness that you've found. Your ceremony and celebration was absolutely beautiful and lit! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day and to witness what true love looks like."

Octavia "Tavi"

"May Heaven continue to bombard you with love, health and favor for many, many years to come."

Stephanie "At1withme" Carter

"May God bless you and keep your union healthy and strong."

Judine Slaughter